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An Authorised Immigration Consultant in India

Our main mission is to identify the client’s search and provide advanced and elementary immigration services to all our clientele that vary from individuals and families to mid-size firms and agencies. Our company is committed to bestow honest, trustworthy, proficient, and goal-oriented services. As authorised overseas immigration consultants in Bangalore, we also focus on rightly advising our client providing the best support, and building up a well-grounded authentic relationship. Our series of columns in business is centred on doing what is best for our clients and supporting them by entitling probity and belief. We also aim on providing the highest standards of legal services with utmost dedication.

Visa Services

We, as a trusted Visa Consulting Services Provider. Our primary responsibility is to guide and support individuals throughout their relocation journey, ensuring they navigate the legal requirements seamlessly.

Immigration Services

We understand that relocating to a new country can be an exciting yet complex process. Our Immigration Services provide comprehensive assistance and support throughout your immigration journey.

Best Visa Consultant in Bangalore

Best Visa Consultant in Bangalore

The following types of India visa are issued to foreign nationals in accordance with the purpose of their visit.

  • Work Visa
  • Travel/Visit Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Family Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Retirement Visa

Overseas Visa Process and Consultancy Services for India

XONIER VISAS was established with a unique motivation of guiding each individual in fulfilling their immigration goals with effortlessness. As a visa consultancy service agency we started by providing visas to countries like CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and the UK. But later our team developed into a global leader in many other international countries like South Africa, the USA, Dubai, and Germany. Our main aim at present is to give our clients the freedom to focus on immigrating formalities and not worry about any of the visa related matters. Our team at XONIER VISAS bestows help and support to individuals for the entire process of visa application, documentation, assessments, preparing expert advice on how to manoeuvre interview of visa and IELTS examination. We at XONIER  are dedicated to making all your visa policies simple and rewarding!








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why choose xonier visas

Why Choose Us?

As one of the best immigration and visa consultants in Bangalore, XONIER VISAS reaches out to exceptional extents to make sure we deliver the best solutions when the client is faced with the most demanding situations by keeping in mind that they are of high professional standards and also very private and confidential.


Our goal is also to give a wide purview of our services and to become a fundamental immigration consulting company. We also dedicate ourselves to high customer relations and transcend the expectations of our customers by improving the quality of services we render.

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We're providing guidance and processing of Immigrant and non-Immigrant visa applications to individuals, families, and corporates.

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On the other hand, We deliver visa services to citizens in a timely , transparent more accessible and reliable manner…

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