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Live, work and study permanently without restriction in Australia with an Australian PR visa. Apply for Australian citizenship from India with an expert Australia PR visa consultancy service agency.

Australia has always been a great choice for applicants who wish to migrate to another country. The country has many approving elements such as a flourishing economy that enables more job opportunities. Australia also guarantees a higher quality of life along with the multinational society. The country also offers a Permanent Residency Visa to immigrants with the validity of 5 years. With this, the candidate can apply for citizenship after living in Australia for a period of 3 years along with the PR Visa.

Benefits Of Applying For Australia Pr Visa


The applicant avails certain benefits when they apply for a Permanent Resident visa in Australia.

  • You can be eligible for Australian citizenship
  • Sponsor for family and other members for Permanent Resident
  • A certain security benefit is also accessible to the applicant.
  • The applicant is also qualified to receive subsidized healthcare through Medicare.
  • The applicant is also eligible to study in Australia at the VET Sector or University
  • The main benefits of the applicant are to live and work in Australia.


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Who Are Eligible To Apply For Australian PR


The immigration process for Australia is entirely base on someone who is interested to apply for an Australian Permanent Visa along with the point system.


Points Requirement: 

Points for eligibility for PR visa You must score at least 65 points The below table describes the various criteria for scoring points:

Age between 25-33 years

Maximum Points
30 points

English proficiency (8 bands)

Maximum Points
20 points

Work Experience outside Australia (8-10 years)

Maximum Points
15 points

Work Experience in Australia (8-10 years)

Maximum Points
20 points

Education (outside Australia) – Doctorate degree

Maximum Points
20 points


Skilled spouse or de facto partner (Age, Skills & English language requirements to be met)

Maximum Points
10 points

Spouse or de facto partner with ‘competent English’ (No need to meet Skills requirement or age factor)

Maximum Points
5 points

Applicants without a spouse or de facto partner or where a spouse is an Australia citizen or PR holder

Maximum Points
10 points

skills such as Doctorate or master’s degree by research in Australia

Maximum Points
10 points

Study in a regional area

Maximum Points
5 points

Accredited in community language

Maximum Points
5 points

Professional year in a skilled program in Australia

Maximum Points
5 points

State sponsorship (190 visa)

Maximum Points
5 points


To apply for PR VISA the applicant has age criteria of below 45 years.

Language Proficiency:

The applicant should have proof that they have a skilled level of experience in the English language.


Skilled Occupation Lists (SOL):

The applicant will be able to select an occupation that is listed in the SOL. This list contains all the occupations that are accepted by the country for its immigrants. These occupation lists are also updated on regular basis & also help in knowing all the changes that take place in the Australian labour market.SOL can be divided into 3 categories:


1. Medium- and long-term Strategic Skills List
2. Short-term Skilled Occupation List
3. Regional Occupations List

Key Documents Required For Australia Pr Visa Application Process From India.


  • Application form.
  • Report of Educational Credential Assessment.
  • Character certificate.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • 2 Passport size photos.
  • Test results of IELTS/PTE Exam for English proficiency
  • Proof of nomination if any
  • PCC-Police Clearance Certification 
  • Spouse Skilled Documents (if the spouse is applying for the PR)
  • Business reference letters.

What Are The Different Ways To Get Pr In Australia From India?


There are many offers that Australia gives to the applicants for applying for the PR visa card. The candidate can choose the right option depending on their requirements and eligibility. The following are the given options for the Australian PR:

Family Stream PR Visas


This is for the partner/spouse, parent or children of the Australia Citizen or Permanent Resident

Investment Or Business Stream Permanent Residence Visas


This option is for those who are ready to invest for business purposes in Australia. The eligibility to apply for a PR visa under this option is that the applicant should have the provincial Visa ( Subclass 188) for a minimum period of 1 year and also meet the financial requirement.

Work-stream Permanent Residence Visas


This visa stream option is for employers who have been sponsored by an Australian employer. This stream is divided into further categories:

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

This option of visa is acceptable for skilled workers but this visa will not be applicable for sponsorship.

Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190)

This option is applicable to Skilled workers who have a nomination from Australian territory. This visa also requires the applicant to prove that his/her occupation exists in the Skilled occupation.

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 491)

The applicant has to be eligible for this visa by meeting the skilled requirement and also by getting a nomination or a sponsorship from either the Territory/ Region/State.

How Can We Help You With The Australia Pr Process?


  • Xonier Visa along with their qualified expertise will review your profile in detail so as to make sure that you are eligible for the skilled independent visa ( Subclass 189)
  • By availing our immigration services you will be assured with the best Australian Visa advice and constant support in the process of Visa application by our most experience Australian Visa and Australian Immigration Experts.
  • Migration to Australia requires a number of fees for our immigration services and also the fees for the Australian government which at the end depends upon the eligibility and the type of visas of the applicant.
  • We at Xonier Visas also recommend alternate services for you in case the free assessment results show that you are not eligible for a Skilled Independent Visa.
  • We also give access to our clients to directly reach out to the official website of the Australian Government for carrying out payment of fees for the Skilled independent visas ( Subclass 189)
  • We prepare the applicant for the IELTS examination by giving tutorial help
  • All the documents of the clients are evaluated and verified by our immigration  specialist
  • We provide assistance for submission in Expression of interest in DIBP
  • Invitation to Apply File Preparation for Final Submission
  • Regular updates and information on all the Australia Immigration News

Steps In The Pr Application Process


Step 1: Check the eligibility requirements

  1. Check if the applicant is eligible for the application process.
  2. Verify if the applicant of the occupation is present in the Occupation list.
  3. Check if your points fall under the required range in the points table.

Step 2: English proficiency Test

The applicant must check if they have the expected proficiency in the English language by taking the particular English language test. However, the Australian immigration authorities accept scores from different English ability test like IELTS/PTE/TOEFL. So you can take anyone of this test to obtain the required score.  

Step 3: Get your skill assessment done

The applicant’s skills can be assessed by the organization which helps them to assess the skills, education, and work experience that are based on Australian standards.

Step 4: Register your expression of interest:

The other step is to register an EOI or the Expression of Interest that is available in Australia’s Skill Select website. The candidate can fill the online form that is available in the Skill Select portal where they need to give their answers to the questions on their skills which is based on the visa subclass that the applicant has applied. This Skill Select visa program is further divided into three categories where you can apply for a PR visa.

  1. Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
  2. Skilled Nominated Visa 190
  3. Skilled regional (provisional) Subclass 491

The two visas are permanent visas whereas the other one is a temporary visa which has a validity of five years which later will be converted to a PR visa. This information has been provided in the online application.

Step 5: Get your invitation to apply (ITA)

The time when the applicant submits their application that has met all the requirements then the candidate will be given an IAT (Invitation to Apply) for Australia PR.

Step 6: Submit your PR application

The other step is that the applicant has to submit their PR application. The applicant has to submit it within 60 days. The application has to include all the documents that support the process of getting your PR visa. The documents that are required of the applicants is their personal documents, immigration documents, and their work experience documents. 

Step 7: Get your clearance certificates

The applicant has to submit their police clearance certificates and also their medical clearance certificate after they have completed a medical examination.

Step 8: Get your PR visa

The final step is getting the applicant’s PR visa.

Faqs - Australia Pr Visa


Is it easy to get an Australia PR Visa?

In one year the applicant will get Australia’s residency with a master’s degree, strong English score, and also the work experience Australia’s skills list. The minimum points to apply for an Australian PR under the Skilled select 189 or 190 state sponsor visa is 65 in the year 2020-2021. If the particular applicant has the required points then they will be selected and the PR will reach them before they fly to Australia.  The applicants that have 65+ points receive a quick invitation to apply for the PR within a period of 5 to 8 months. Also, the best way to obtain an Australian PR entirely depends upon the system of the Visa chosen by the applicant. Every program in the immigration extreme has its own certain requirement for eligibility, selection criteria, and condition. Also, the government places the migration planning levels and also fixes the particular numbers that need to be placed under each program of migration. In 2019-20, the government assigned about 70 % of the places in immigration in the program of skilled migration.

Points required for Australian PR?

Accordingly to the skilled visa the applicant of Australia PR should have at least 65 points for filing an EOI. However, scoring minimum points of 65 points or lesser than that does not assure an invite for Visa application. Therefore as per the latest data for the skilled visa the points remain high resulting in many of the applicants often opt for sponsorship by any state. Hence the applicants need at least 70/75 points to receive an invite for subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa application. State sponsorship, spouse skilled points, and the English test are the different methods to strengthen the applicant score.

Why is it easy to get a PR visa under the Skilled Migration program?

Skilled migrants get along on with the high employment potentials & educational qualifications.

The applicant promises a better contribution to the economy and the migrant that is sponsored by the employee to have better potential to acquire the results they desire.

The client must take the option of the skilled migration stream because they have the greatest number of places for applying for a PR visa. The applicant also has much better chances under this stream only if they meet the requirement for eligibility and score points.

Therefore the most popular immigration program is in the Skilled migration stream which falls under a points-based system

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