Canada expanding processing capacity to expedite family reunion

New office space and more employees are expected to reduce processing time for family class applications.

Canada is expanding the Case Processing Centre in Sydney, Nova Scotia in an effort to process more applications and reunite families faster.

IRCC will get new office space and be able to hire 62 additional employees, according to a media release. These new employees will primarily work on family class overseas applications. With these new resources, IRCC expects to process more applications and shorten the processing times that have been extended during the pandemic.

The Case Processing Centre in Sydney is currently limited to 30 per cent occupancy, due to coronavirus-related restrictions. The new office space will allow IRCC to increase this capacity, and it will allow more employees who are  working remotely to return to the office.

The lease on this new office space is for one year, which will allow the immigration department the flexibility to re-evaluate its needs in the years ahead.