Canada welcomed nearly 25,000 immigrants in January 2021,since last February

Canada is already on track to achieve its ambitious 401,000 immigration target this year.

Canada’s immigration levels are starting to recover.

New Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) data show that the country welcomed about 24,665 new permanent residents in January 2021. This is comparable to Canada’s monthly intake prior to the pandemic. In fact, it is the strongest month for Canadian immigration since February 2020.

Moreover, we should see a significant spike in permanent residence landings by the end of the year due to the recent historic Express Entry draw held by IRCC on February 13. It usually takes at least nine months between an individual being invited for permanent residence under Express Entry and then formally completing the landing process. This spike should be recorded by November or December.

In recent months, Mendicino and IRCC have communicated a temporary shift in strategy. IRCC will aim to transition as many people currently residing in Canada to permanent residence in order to meet their 401,000 immigrant target.