How to get proof of Canadian citizenship

If you have a Canadian parent, you may be a Canadian citizen and eligible for a Canadian passport.

A citizenship certificate is an important document that proves Canadian Citizenship for those who have a Canadian parent. This certificate entitles you to all the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as all Canadian citizens. It is also one of only two documents accepted by Immigration,Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as proof of Canadian Citizenship.

You can obtain proof of Canadian citizenship if you were born outside of Canada and at least one of your biological or legal parents was already a Canadian citizen when you were born. To confirm if you are a citizen, you will need to follow the Canadian government’s process and submit an application.

If you are eligible, there is no age limit or time window in which you need to apply. You can still apply regardless of if your Canadian parent is alive or deceased as long as you are able to prove they were Canadian at time of your birth. One way to do this is with their birth certificate.