Immigration Canada’s backlog stands at 1.8 million people, but there are signs of improvement

IRCC is processing FSWP applications at a faster pace. The permanent residence and study permit inventory is down since December.

IRCC’s inventory remains at 1.8 million persons as of February 1, however there are signs of progress among immigration and study permit applications. CIC News received the newest Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) inventory data via a media request. The backlog includes applications from future citizens, permanent residents, international students, temporary workers, and visitors. Adding up these categories brings the total to 1,815,628 persons waiting for decisions. In December, the backlog was at 1,813,144 persons. The difference means the backlog has increased by 2,484 persons in a span of 48 days, a growth of 0.1 per cent. Compared to the 1 per cent growth observed between October and December, the backlog appears to be slowing down. In October, IRCC reported a backlog of 1,791,936. Before that, the Toronto Star reported it was about 1,448,000.