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A comfortable and a well rewarding job is the most important requirement for a person to stay anywhere in the world. Possessing a good job becomes more important when you have already migrated or thinking of migrating to a new country. The first thing in mind which comes, whether to apply for immigration first and then search for a job or first get a job offer and then apply for immigration.

Both job and immigration are required when you want to migrate and live in another country. Do you know that each country has its own format of resume? This format helps the recruiters to access your credentials easily and prompts them to shortlist your resume. The recruiters are familiar with the prevailing formats in that country. Without much search, they can find out the vital information that is required to consider a resume.

Our resume experts are well aware of the formats of resumes that are prevailing in each country. They can easily rewrite your resume in the format that is prevailing in your destination country. Our professionals will enhance your resume with the help of their industry experience. Are you aware of the fact that 95% of the vacancies are filled even before they are advertised or displayed in the public domain? Our resume marketing service ensures that your resume reaches the right place at the right time. We never assure you a job because it is the recruiter who is going to take the final decision. If your qualification and experience are what a recruiter is looking for, then we will ensure that your resume reaches them in time. More Visas is more concerned about its clients well being and comfort. Hence, we provide them with all the service that they require as we think that our clients are our strength.

A strong resume is essential for everyone in the job market. With our vast experience in helping people gain employment across the world, Xonier Visas is perfectly positioned to create a resume that helps you stand apart from other applicants. Our team of expert resume writers is well aware of industry trends and technical terms and can help you craft a professional, appealing resume with quick turnaround time.

Features Of International Resume Writing Services

Resumes are designed to grab the interest of the recruiter from the first line to the last. We aim to highlight your skills and achievements in a context that makes it easy for the recruiter to visualize you as a valuable addition. We ensure that our resumes:

  • Are packed with relevant industry keywords
  • Are formatted to international standards
  • Use appealing language that is relevant to your role
  • Are well structured to guide the recruiter
  • Highlight your career in an attractive timeline
  • Focus on showing your strengths
  • Build the case for you as a holistic professional
  • Are quality checked to be error-free and well written

Recruiters and HR professionals view hundreds of resumes daily. Xonier Visas resumes stand apart from other applicants because they make it easy for the recruiter to understand your profile quickly, thus increasing your chances of getting more interviews.

How to Write a Good Resume?

At the time of the job application, the resume plays an important role, and if you have got a good resume writer, it almost seems that half the work is done in the first place.

So, whenever you have availed resume writing services in India (if you are located in this part of the world), or you are going through your own resume, there are few takeaways that you can be hooked to.

  • Purpose of the Resume:The resume should convey a purpose and it should bring you in the positive light. In the presence of good resume writing services, the pursuit wouldn’t look that tough at all. A good resume writing services would make sure that your resume looks employable. Especially, whenever you wish to move to a new place, you need to showcase yourself strongly. A good resume would always make sure that the employers are rightfully satisfied that you are the best choice for them. This can only happen if the resume speaks firmly about the purpose for which you have applied for.
  • Length of the Resume:It is always not a choice to write a Bible while drafting the resume. While creating the resume, it is always appreciable to be brief. Brevity is the soul of the wit, and a well written resume can completely summarize that in the first place. For immigrants who have worked a lot before, try to bring that into the light in the first page itself along with the educational qualification. If one is able to get all the information streamlined to perfection and that too in a brief manner, it is given that the resume will leave a trail in the mind of the employers.
  • How to Order in the Resume:While you are availing the resume writing services and your immigration consultant has helped you dramatically to come up with a solution, it is crucial that you order the resume in the following way. This method has long lasting implication, and it has been extremely promising for the immigrants.
  1. Contact details
  2. Opening statement
  3. List of key skills
  4. List of technical/software skills
  5. Personal attributes/career overview
  6. Educational qualifications
  7. Employment history/volunteering/work placements
  8. References/referees

So, in the given manner, one can always make attractive resumes for their application abroad and move easily without much hassle whatsoever.

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