Job vacancies in Canadian health care reach all-time high amid pandemic

After there has been a shortage of credential recognition affects on the immigrant integration into the health-care sector it was now more difficult to address the shortages faced by labors. Although there was an increase in the demand due to COVID-19 Canada is still facing a shortage of health care workers.

The vaccines reached an all-time increase in the Canadian health-care and social assistance sector and according to a study by Statistics Canada by the end of 2020 there were about 100,300 vacant positions in all these sectors. The shortage of labor in the health care has been a long standing issue that has been worsened by the pandemic.

However the challenge to fill these vacancies may grow in the coming decades as the majority of Canada’s labor force ages into retirement. Due to these demographic challenges there has been a low birth rate in Canada because of the pandemic. While complete national data are still not in, the province of British Columbia reported lesser births in 2020 as compared to 2019 and the preliminary data showed a drop to just 1,781 new babies in May.