New review shows the effect of the pandemic on immigration to Canada

The COVID-19 pandemic also caused a huge noticeable reduction in the process of immigration dimensions during the period of first six months.

In the Canada Conference Board study a new review showed the different measures of the effect and impact of COVID-19 that had on the admissions of the immigrants into Canada and also how these effects can be balanced.

The permanent resident admissions that started from March to December 2020 were dropped down by 56% as when compared to in the year 2019 declares the new report given by the Conference Board of Canada

From March to December of 2020, permanent resident admissions were down 56 per cent compared to 2019, a new report by the Conference Board of Canada shows

The most effected department was for the Refugee and family admissions that showed a drastic reduction by 72 and 63 % during the early pandemic. However, towards the end of 2020 the distribution of all these admissions that belonged to the various classes of immigration was approaching the pre-pandemic categories.

The Conference Board recommends that on the basis of the recent trends in the EXPRESS ENTRY draws all the allocations of the immigrants with the Canadian work experience will definitely show an increase during 2020. according to this report the allowance of the permanent residents that have previous temporary work or study experience in Canada will show a growth of about 10% as compared to the previous year 2019.