Parliamentary committee publishes study on COVID impact on Canadian immigration

This study offers 38 recommendations on how to improve Canada’s immigration system.

The parliamentary committee on immigration has released the results of its study on how the pandemic has affected Canadian immigration.

Salma Zahid, the Chair of the committee, presented the reportĀ in the House of Commons on May 13. It highlights on issues concerning to the three classes of Canadian immigration: economic, family, and refugee.

This report is the outcome of the findings of the Standing Committee in matters of Immigration and Citizenship along with the hearing of the testimonies from lawyers, stakeholders, interest groups and other immigrants.

The committee is comprised of Canadian members of parliament, who are elected officials. There is at least one member from every major political party sitting on the committee. Their mandate is to monitor federal policy relating to immigration and multiculturalism, as well as supervise the immigration department and refugee board.