Some essential workers exempt from work permits and quarantine

Foreign nationals who are coming to Canada to support critical infrastructure, or are essential for health and safety reasons, may be exempt from travel restrictions.

Certain foreign workers who are looking to work in essential occupations may only need a temporary resident visa (TRV) or an electronic travel authorization (eTA) to work in Canada, rather than a work permit.

Foreign workers who are coming to Canada to support critical infrastructure and who are exempt from the travel restrictions, may not need a work permit to work legally in Canada.

In addition, certain workers may also be exempt from the mandatory 14-day quarantine period. This also means that they would not have to stay at a government-approved hotel for three days when they arrive in Canada. These workers include the following:

  • Emergency and medical services providers;
  • Individuals allowed to work as a student in a health field, such as a medical elective or a clinical clerk;
  • Workers in the marine transportation sector;
  • Individuals who are delivering, maintaining or repairing medically necessary equipment or devices;
  • Individuals who are making medical deliveries of cells, blood and blood products, tissues, organs and other body parts;
  • Individuals providing an essential service while in Canada, as determined by the Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO).