Travellers must be fully vaccinated to enter Canada starting January 15

Essential travelers must be fully vaccinated to cross the border. Unvaccinated Canadians may face quarantine measures.

Travelling to Canada will now have to be fully vaccinated in order to enter to country. Some exempt travelers may still enter, but will be subject to testing, quarantine and other public health measures. Canada already required non-essential travelers from foreign countries to be vaccinated. Starting today, January 15, essential travelers must also be fully vaccinated in order to enter the country, which includes: family members of Canadians, permanent residents, and people registered under the Indian Act; international students age 18 and older; athletes; work permit holders, except for those working in agriculture and food processing; and essential service providers, including truckers. Canadian citizens and permanent residents cannot be denied entry into Canada. However, unvaccinated Canadians will need to meet the pre-entry, arrival, day-eight testing, and quarantine requirements.