Visiting Canada this winter? How to avoid criminal inadmissibility issues at the border

You have three major options if you wish to overcome criminal inadmissibility when visiting Canada

Many will look to visit the Great White North this winter now that Canada’s borders have re-opened and the Christmas holidays are around the corner.

Visitors from the U.S. and other parts of the world will be keen to see their family and friends, as well as enjoy the Canadian outdoors. This winter season is of added significance given that Canada’s borders were closed to most travellers last winter.

Before you plan your trip, it is important to note you may be deemed inadmissible to canada if you have a criminal charge on your record. Canada may turn you away depending on factors such as the severity of your offense. At the same time, Canada offers three major remedies to allow such individuals to enter the country. The rationale for the remedies is that individuals have the ability to be rehabilitated. Moreover, the benefits to Canada’s economy and society of welcoming such individuals are likely to outweigh potential risks.