Why more Canadian employers are hiring foreign workers

More work permits are issued every year. Here are some of the ways Canadian employers can hire foreign workers.

Canadian employers hire hundreds of thousands of international workers every year through more than 100 different work permit pathways. With the exception of 2020, these numbers have only been going up since 2015 and there are no signs of stopping.

Canada is facing a high number of job vacancies and a relatively low unemployment rate, which means there are more jobs open than there are qualified workers to fill them. According to Statistics Canada, for every 100 positions in December, employers were seeking to fill an average of 5.2 vacancies, up from 3 in the fourth quarter of 2019. This increase in vacancies happened alongside the fall of Canada’s unemployment rate, which was 5.4% in December 2021, the lowest since December 2019 when it was 5.2%.

All this to say, there are sectors with high numbers of job vacancies and not enough workers in Canada to fill them. Recruiting foreign talent is one way Canadian employers can fill vacant positions in their company.